Targeted Marketing


AyadiPro delivers a flexible suite of data-driven solutions that add insight to every stage of the sales and marketing process. Our low-cost sales leads and mailing lists to help sales people and small business owners find more customers and grow their businesses. We are the recession doctor!

Sales Growth

Sales leads for sales growth. We'll provide you with the sales leads that fit your industry and your market. They're affordable, updated continuously, and customized to your needs.
Whether you’re developing or introducing new products, entering new markets,expanding your offerings, or mastering new marketing channels, you can rely on AyadiPro to help you achieve results.


We give you the information, insights and advice to help you target, acquire, manage and retain customers.

Data Quality

In fact, the quality of our data is so superior, that it is trusted to power the directory services to the top Internet traffic-generating sites...

AyadiPro is chosen by businesses of all sizes due to our superior compilation, verification and quality assurance processes that produce the highest quality data.

- Data Compilation: Find why our data compilation process is one-of-a-kind, When you invest valuable time and money on mailings or sales calls, you need the most accurate data available. Our Partnership with companies that have 600 full-time researchers at about 132,000-sq ft Database and Technology Center are solely dedicated to building the data, verifying it and updating it for you.
We also work with companies that invest more than $50 million dollars to ensure the technology and resources are secure and maintain their essential data year after year.

- How we compile our data: Each day, data specialists scour thousands of sources to add new data, update existing records and eliminate duplicates. And that’s just the beginning.

- Telephone Verified: The process is like no other in the industry. In fact our partner data company do something no other company does - they make more than 20 million phone calls each year to verify the information that they collect.


Customization is the key. By knowing specific demographics about your customers, you can target customers and prospects efficiently. Stop wasting valuable time and money on poor quality sales leads. Our experienced team will help you find the right prospects.

Reach the Best Prospects for Your Business' Growth

Expanding your customer base means finding prospects that think like your current customers and need what you have to offer. "Easier said than done," you say? Well, now it's not only easy, it's affordable.AyadiPro and companies Partners has compiled accurate, up-to-date sales leads for more than 14 million businesses and 27 million executives. That gives you a lot of choices.

Boost Your Sales Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you're looking for business leads in the healthcare industry located in California or Real-estate agents in New York, the more targeted you are about the prospects you approach, the greater your results.
For as little as 20-50¢ per lead, select any number of prospects at a price that works within your budget. It's extremely cost-effective to turn prospects into customers with AyadiPro as your marketing partner.

Specify your target audience by selecting leads:

Within an industry - From accountants and allergists to wine stores and yoga instructors, select the industry that focuses on your target audience. Then, speak to their needs and encourage response.

  • In a geographic location - Make sure your community is aware of what you have to offer. Select businesses within your geographic area and let your presence be known.
  • By sales volume - Focus in on those companies with the greatest buying power by knowing their estimated sales volume.
  • By number of employees - Ensure you're reaching the right sized business. Contact small, medium or large businesses based on their number of employees.
  • By executive titles - Save time by reaching the top decision makers - your first time around.
  • By credit score - Avoid the stress of worrying about whether or not a prospect is credit worthy. Target those businesses with good credit ratings. 

 Our Targeted Marketing Services: