Directories Submission



Directories are human-edited search properties. Because the sites in a Directory are reviewed by people and compiled by subject category, they are considered a relevant, focused and topic specific source of credible information.

What we Offer:

We offer hand submissions to leading directories for our cleints. Our original list had over 900+ directories. You can check out list here . This list consists of directories we feel will help drive the most traffic to your site by search engines and direct traffic.


The first part of the list are the directories that we consider the "Best of the Best". Most are older sites that tend to carry more weight with major Search Engines and have a larger human user base. This group we feel will be around for many more years to come. A few are already close to a decade old! The second group of directories are some up and coming. With the outbreak of new directories being launched trying to a make a quick profit we are hesitant to recommend any directory that does not have a solid track record.

Benefits of Directory Submissions:

  • It's a fast and affordable way to get one-way links
  • You attract buyers in your industry
  • They generate traffic for your website
  • Good place to find promotional partners

Some of the main key features that will help you understand our services better are as follows:

  • Manual linking to almost all web directories. We have highly educated and qualified staff to help and guide you further in your business. We offer one way links to your websites to avoid multiple link problems.
  • Nearly every day we try to update, upgrade, appraise and authenticate the links that we offer in our directory submission services. We try to make sure that all the websites we have are not blacklisted and virus-free before we make them part of our web services.
  • We have customer relation services as well. Our skilled staff answers all your inquiries in accordance with our company policies.
  • After the submission in our directory we provide a full report of the process and a list of websites that are linked with your website.
  • The cost of our manual directory submission service is the same as our competition. But we promise higher quality and 100% submission guaranteed.
  • We permit our clients to use 10 different unique urls and titles of the content they have to avoid repetition. This is considered unnatural linkage manipulation.

Why to choose AyadiPro for this directory submission services ?

The goal of our directory submission services is to have the pages of your website included in the directory database with minimal editing by directory editors. Achieving this goal requires significant directory research and analysis which our editors have as they themselves are category editors of various directories like DMOZ (The Open Directory Project), Zeal (LookSmart non-commercial), JoeAnt, and others.