Google Maps Development


Our custom Google Map Mashup solutions can help you mobilize, visualize and optimize your data in a user-friendly manner. With the help of the Google API, we now have the ability to customize and leverage the power of Google Maps for our clients.
AyadiPro uses Google Maps to deliver solutions on both web and mobile platforms, and for clients in corporations, retail, entertainment, non-profit and government sectors. Google Maps offers a low-cost platform for us to deliver engaging, consumer mapping and geospatial intelligence solutions.


Custom Map Development allows us to place markers, polygons, geocode data and much more.



Building Location-Based Apps

- Connect People with places: Power your location-based app with the Google Places API, which can be used to find nearby places across a wide range of categories. Help users find what they’re looking for faster with the Google Places Autocomplete API which suggests nearby places as users type.

Work with a powerful database: Backed by the same places database used by Google Maps, the Google Places API features over 50 million businesses and points of interest. It is a database that is updated daily with owner-verified and user-moderated contributions.

Get your users from A to B: There are many ways to embed Google Maps directions into your apps. With the Distance Matrix API, users can find the best driving routes and the time it takes to get to their destination (try it now using the interactive demo on the left). Use Street View in the Google Maps API to give users a comprehensive view of where they are going.

- Build in personalized services: Send alerts, enable services, create geo-fencing applications, and much more with the Google Latitude API, which lets you build personalized experiences for users who share their location with you.


Visualize Geospatial Data

- Beyond map pins: Create robust map applications with the Google Maps JavaScript API v3. There a number of unique features and content can be integrated to a Google Maps interface.

- Visualize your geospatial data in the cloud: Google Maps Engine is a revolutionary geospatial solution that lets us publish your mapping data on Google secure, cloud-based mapping platform. We can share it quickly and easily through Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Maps APIs, and Android devices. Significantly lower your IT costs and eliminate time maintaining, scaling, and updating software and servers. Easily manage traffic spikes, such as after a natural disaster, because Google’s cloud platform scales to support increased user traffic.

- Add 3D imagery to your apps: Use the Google Earth API to add impressive 3D buildings and terrain imagery into your applications. It includes all the key functionality of the Google Earth desktop client:
View earth layers
Overlay KML
Creative interactive fly-overs



 Customize your maps

Use new features to provide better perspective and more functionality.

- Customize the look and feel: With Styled Maps, we can customize the base map layers to fit your needs. Change the base map colors to match your brand, draw attention to your data, or remove unwanted map features.

- Display your own Street View imagery: With the Google Maps JavaScript API v3, you can access our Street View global imagery database or add your own images (such as the inside of a building) to use in your apps. From the streets of Tokyo to the penguins of Antarctica, Street View is available on seven continents.

- Create custom routing options: With the Directions API, we can create the most suitable routing options for your users. Implement "drag and drop directions" so users can choose their own route directly on the map. Route optimization will reorder destinations to minimize travel time and distance for up to 25 waypoints. Use the Distance Matrix API so people can see the distance and time it takes to get to their destinations.




 Building Maps for mobile Apps

Add location services and maps to any mobile device-based application.

- Higher performing apps: Designed for use on mobile devices, the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 is optimized for speed and multiple platform accessibility. It is lightweight and works well on most screen sizes, including large format devices.


- Native SDKs for Android and iOS: Google Maps is the only mapping platform with native SDKs for both Android and iOS, making it the most popular platform to run the best smart phones apps.

- Add Places context to your app: Power your location-based app with the Google Places API , which can be used to find nearby places across a wide range of categories. The Places Autocomplete API helps users find what they're looking for faster by suggesting nearby places as you type.

- Embed maps without JavaScript: With the Google Static Maps API, we can create Google Maps images in your app by embedding a URL with an image tag – no JavaScript required – and still have the flexibility to add a custom visual style to roads or other map features. The Google Street View Image API makes it easy to embed a static Google Street View panorama into your apps, with no need for JavaScript.

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