Top Execs Are Leaving Apple After Jobs Era

After Steve Jobs stepped back from daily responsibilities at Apple last January, some wondered if other higher-ups at the company might look for work elsewhere, leading to a kind of brain drain. But to the credit of Apple and its CEO Tim Cook, there really hasn’t been a mass exodus of talent.
That said, several key executives have quit the company in recent months. Some were poached by competitors, others simply chose to strike out on their own. Each of these employees likely had their own reason for leaving when they did, but taken together, it paints a picture of a company whose upper management has been in flux since Tim Cook took over day-to-day operations.

We divided up the employees who have jumped ship into two camps: those who left the company after Jobs went on his second and final medical leave in January, 2011 and those who left after Jobs officially quit the company in August.

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